We are passionate about our food and where it comes from. Meet our local rancher- LGL Ranch- who helps us provide Farm To Table Catering that is local and sustainable.

Hey everyone it’s Andrew with Talk pf the town catering here with LGL Ranch, Chef Brian Talk of the town and a few little cows in the background. We’re here checking out the place. Pretty much learning where it come from. How it’s raised. How it’s produced. Obviously there’s been a lot of issues with supply chains. I’m going to pretty much show you the supply chain. I am going to flip the camera around. Maybe not. Never mind I’m not going to flip the camera around. Behind me you see the grass, there’s the cow, there’s the rancher, and there’s the chef. That’s pretty much the entire supply chain that we’re going through right now for our beef. I’m gonna turn it over and let you talk a little bit about the breeds, what type of cows you’re raising them and what’s important that you’re doing what you’re doing.

We typically, um, we breed as you can see we breed mostly Charolaise cross cows with Beef Master bulls it gives us a good, a good growth, good performance,  gives us good quality of meat. And it’s also their bred for this environment some animals, its too hot hear in mid Georgia you know for some of the animals. So their color helps them um their breed helps them adapt to the heat better. They can graze better in the pastures they hold their weight better in the summer time. So that’s one thing we do. The other thing we do is we DNA test all our animals and it gives us a quality profile of the things that animal can do genetically. We like having these cows open to the pasture all the time. They do get access to some grain but they also are on pasture. They’re never confined. We handle them with low stress techniques. We wean them when with low stress conditions, try to take care of the cows. You can see they kind of like us. So we enjoy it and we’ve been doing it a long time. We hope we can keep doing it.

I’m going to turn it over to Chef Brian, let him talk about uh what he likes to do with it. What do you like to do with some of this beef?

Uh, well anything from prime rib, uh beef bourguignon, um anything really. But with it being local it’s sustainable, we’re getting great quality we’re seeing the process through and through so we know what’s going into our food and just the quality is that much better so it means the world to us to be able to build these relationships, keep it sustainable, and keep it local because it’s something that will be pandemic proof and will keep us getting through. So thanks again guys.

Well, again, we’ve been partners with LGL for about 2 months now. One of our clients turned us on to them when there’s uh when we’re having the um beef crisis. Uh there’s a computer hack nobody could get anything done and we just turned to our neighbors. Honestly, that’s the best method possible. you know these guys are probably about an hour and a half away from our shop in Roswell. They process right here in the city, bring it up to us the same day, can’t get any fresher than that. Again I want to thank you for checking us out and talk to you soon.