Looking for the caterer for your wedding is an important part of planning your very special day. We have a few tips for finding the right match to ensure that your big event is just right:

  1. Scope the landscape. Talk to friends and acquaintances who’ve recently gotten married or attended weddings that they enjoyed and learn about which caterers they remember. If they don’t remember caterers’ names, you can ask them about the event itself and what made it stand out.
  2. Look online at ratings. Visit places like www.theknot.com and other online resources to see what caterers receive the best reviews.
  3. Find the right fit for your budget. Identify your event budget and make preliminary calls to about 4-5 caterers to see whether their prices will fit with your event. If you are able to tell a catering company how many guests you expect and whether you prefer seated, buffet, or serving stations, you’ll get the best idea of their prices.
  4. Ask a lot of questions. When you meet with catering companies, ask about their menus, what their approach is to working on weddings, the latest trends or ideas they will bring to your event, and anything else you want to know.
  5. Utilize referrals. Be sure that you ask the catering companies you interview to provide you with at least 3-4 recent wedding client referrals who had budgets similar to yours. Follow up with those referrals and ask them about their experiences and whether they’d recommend this particular catering company and why.
  6. Finally, go with your gut – literally and figuratively. Be sure that you get to taste food by any potential catering company. You can ask for samples at a first or second meeting. Be sure to ask if you would be able to talk with the chef to get a feel for his/her style. And, be sure that you are comfortable with your decision to work with a particular catering company.

We hope these steps will lead you to the right decision for your most special day! Please contact us at Talk of the Town so that we may set up a meeting with you! Email: info@talkofthetownatlanta.com or phone: 770.594.1567.

Photo by Ben Vigil Photographers