It’s full-on wedding planning season here at Talk of the Town. To us, that means only one thing – making our clients happy. It’s true! Ever wonder how we are able to pull off wonderful weddings at the best venues all over Atlanta? We just keep doing our best every day to ensure that all of our clients are treated with our very best service and cuisine. And we’re so very proud to be considered one of the best wedding caterers in Atlanta. We do have a few tricks up our sleeves and don’t mind sharing them with you. Here are just a few tips to keeping your cool when the wedding planning heats up:

Choose vendors you can trust.

Being able to share new ideas or ask for help is key in the client-vendor relationship. You want all of your vendors (caterers, florists, photographers) to be happy to talk with you any time.

Enjoy the planning.

It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding. There are many details to coordinate and so many options that your head may be spinning. Try to focus on one task at a time and be conscious of enjoying the process. Be present at each step and enjoy whatever you are doing at that moment – choosing a menu, finding the perfect dress, selecting invitations. This will ensure that you will look back on planning your wedding and remember it as being calm and enjoyable.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Yes, having the perfect wedding is important. Every bride wants the best in each and every detail. With the right vendors and a conscious effort to enjoy each step of the planning process, you will have a glorious day. But, the most important part of the wedding is the marriage and a happy life together. If you find yourself getting a little stressed with the planning, take a few minutes to think about what the wedding really means to you and your loved ones.