We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Talk of the Town family – or Mobile Catering Kitchen! With incredible capacity and versatility we are now able to offer you the event of your dreams anywhere you’d like it! From the middle of a pasture to your very own driveway, we can bring your guests the most incredible cuisine by way of this full-service kitchen that can serve up to 2,000.

This is nothing like your typical food truck – we have outfitted this gourmet showstopper with every possible feature from an actual walk-in cooler and four-compartment sink to three separate fryers and the ability to outfit the kitchen with any gas equipment necessary for your particular event. This gives our culinary team the ability to prepare meals as gourmet and fresh as you’d find in any fine restaurant. And, with our new partners – Port-A-Party, we are able to literally create an event space and provide full-service, top-of-the-line, gourmet catering and bar services anywhere you can imagine. We are also proudly working with Rockstar Farms to attain solar power for the Mobile Catering Kitchen!