🎉🍴 The Ultimate Culinary Adventure: Taste of the Tour with Talk of the Town! 🍴🎉

We’re thrilled to bring you the grand finale of our epic event series, where our stations are manned by none other than our talented team of chefs from Talk of the Town. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable experience that will take your love for food to new heights!

🍖 The Brisket Station: Get ready to fall head over heels for our smoky, melt-in-your-mouth brisket! Cooked low and slow to perfection, each bite is a flavor explosion that will have you coming back for seconds (and thirds!).

🍤 Curried Shrimp and Coconut: Prepare to be transported to a tropical paradise with every bite of our curried shrimp and coconut creation. Close your eyes and savor the explosion of taste as the spices dance on your palate. It’s a culinary vacation you won’t want to end!

🌱 Mushroom Stuffed Sacchettini (Vegan): Calling all veggie lovers! Our vegan-friendly station is here to delight your taste buds with a delightful dish of mushroom stuffed sacchettini. Each tender pasta pocket is bursting with earthy, savory goodness that will make you forget you’re indulging in a plant-based delight.

🍎 Apple and Goat Cheese Ravioli: Our apple and goat cheese ravioli is a delightful combination of fruity sweetness and creamy tanginess. Imagine biting into a tender, homemade ravioli filled with a luscious blend of apples and velvety goat cheese. Each bite is like a burst of joy in your mouth, and you’ll find yourself reaching for seconds before you know it!

But wait, there’s more! What sets our event apart is not just the incredible variety of dishes but also the amazing chefs from Talk of the Town who bring their passion and expertise to your event. These culinary wizards are not just masters of their craft; they are entertainers, engaging with guests, sharing their culinary secrets, and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. From their charming personalities to their impressive skills, they make your experience truly special.


Our professional catering staff and executive chef share a passion for the exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. We offer a full catering service for any event including corporate events, weddings, and holidays. Call us today for more information!

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