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Talk of The Town Catering
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What sets us apart from other catering companies is I feel like we have a real personal touch with people and really try to get to know them.


At Talk the town. We’re excited. Whenever we have new challenges, new opportunities


If you were to look around this company, you would be hard pressed to find anyone around here who doesn’t enjoy a good party.


What really sets us apart from other catering companies is the personalization that we give to our clients. They might say, oh, I had this dish as this restaurant. Can you replicate it for 200 guests? Of course I can replicate it. But what if we do a little bit better,


We take their ideas. And then we kind of put the talk of the town, touch to it and create an event around their menu, which exceeds their expectations.


I tell all of my clients, the very first thing you need to do is find the right venue. Once you’ve done that, the next step is find the right caterer.


We catered to as little as 10 people. And we also cater to as many as a thousand people,


We’re doing a lot more small stations now where each customer comes up to a chef who has prepared a specific plate for them and hands it to them,


Or kind of getting away from doing just your traditional buffets.


We’re really taking food and making it personalized, locally grown organic items. Aren’t just a trend. It really should be a way of life.


And we are inherently a sustainable green Catering Company.


There’s so many local people in Atlanta that are, you know, do specific things on their farms it’s great cause their guests even get to see, you know, where this thing came from, where, where this menu came from.


Well, we take is the idea from the client and try to push it up. One more level.


Some of the special touches that make an event memorable and successful is understanding what the client’s expectations are and exceeding those expectations. 100%, the time


We try to go the extra mile and it may be, uh, you know, some new product that we use on the buffets or some garnish that we use on plate. It’s just those little, little extra touches here and there that just, you know, make it more of a talk of the town event and make it, Make it more memorable.