holidayThanksgiving. The word conjures up all kinds of thoughts and memories:

  • Anticipation and crisp fall air
  • Endless trips to the store
  • The year the turkey fell on the floor
  • The dessert you spent hours on that everyone hated
  • “Being together” but being stuck in the kitchen
  • The year the turkey didn’t get defrosted in time

Why not create a whole new list of memories this year:

  • Being relaxed when your family arrives
  • Having time to enjoy the football game
  • Taking photos of your kids and grandkids enjoying the pile of leaves
  • Warming your delicious meal and serving it with ease
  • Sitting at the table and knowing you are truly thankful

We at Talk of the Town could take the entire week of Thanksgiving off . . . but we don’t! Helping you create the memories that matter to you is one of our greatest joys, so let us make your Thanksgiving the best you’ve ever hosted with our:

“Hassle-Free, No Mess, Everyone-Will-Love-It
Be-Thankful-It’s Thanksgiving Menu!”

It’s really quite simple. Here’s all you need to do to host the most delicious, stress-free holiday ever:

  1. Look over our menu.
  2. Contact us.
  3. Place your order at least 5 days before delivery/pickup.
  4. Heat (we’ll tell you how), serve and enjoy!
  5. Maybe email us a picture of your family enjoying the Thanksgiving meal!

Please note that we are able to offer delivery and pickup for Thanksgiving meals until 2 pm Wednesday, November 25.

We look forward to helping you be truly thankful this year!