By now, the Thanksgiving feast is a distant memory and you’re gearing up for the rest of your holiday festivities!

We are still booking for a few select holiday party dates, so contact us right away if you are in need of the most delicious and professionally-served holiday party catering in Atlanta!

Here are just a few ideas we’ve put together for your holiday party to make it fun for everyone.

Greet Guests the Right Way!

Have an older child, or willing adult, assigned to the front door to greet guests, take coats and direct guests to the bar or host/hostess. (Having a portable coat-rack is a great way to avoid the hassle of searching for coats on a guest bed three hours later.)

Keep Kids Entertained!

Kids make a party, but sometimes they need a little extra attention so the adults can mingle. Consider hiring a babysitter or two to watch the kiddos for you. They can have a designated play area and the sitters can help the kids with preparing plates of food and games while you enjoy some much-deserved adult company.

Don’t Forget the Photos!

Simply set up a camera and tripod (or you can use your phone) and take a photo of guests as they arrive. You can do this in shifts – ask someone to do this for 20 minutes and have them tap a replacement photographer when their 20 minutes is up. You can set this up by your Christmas tree. After the party, compile the photos in Shutterfly and email the guests the link!

Offer Kids a Special Holiday Beverage!

Have a Hot Chocolate Bar that includes toppings that the kids can chose from including marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, sprinkles, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, chocolate chips, and anything else that appeals! The kids will remember your party as being the most fun ever!

Don’t Forget the Music!

Every party needs a few good tunes! If you don’t have speakers in your home, it’s easy to get some bluetooth speakers (you can purchase or borrow some) that will work with your phone! Select a holiday music play list from iTunes or Pandora (you can pay $3.99 to have Pandora avoid commercial interruptions) and let the music flow through the house! If planning the music is not your thing, have a neighborhood teenager come help you out with it!

Break out the Fire Pit!

Give kids another chance for fun by offering “Snowmen S’mores.” Simply have adults help them roast two to three marshmallows and decorate with chocolate chips, gumdrops, etc. Assemble with gingerbread cookies! That outdoor fire pit is just the right place for this fun activity.

Be Sure Guests Get Home Safely!

If you have any question about guests getting home safely after having a couple of cocktails, simply remind guests before the party that a taxi or Uber are great ways to make sure they arrive to your party and home afterwards.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday party!