Elegance, romance and the finest cuisine meet service excellence in this amazing venue that will transport you and your guests to Paris in the spectacularly-original Maison Rouge.

POP9POP10Lé Maison Rouge, Atlanta’s own chunk of Montmartre in the form of a dazzling event space tucked in the back. The entire room is a seductive boudoir, with nearly every surface draped in rich red velvet. With a stage and a dance floor, the space also features oddities not commonly seen in your average party venue. Dressed-to-the-nines mannequins lounge against the antiques, and plush bedding lines the wall (complete with curtains for the discreet partygoer). If you’re dying to make some merry of your own in the Maison, you’re in luck. C’est magnifique!

Le Maison Rouge can seat 145 for dinner or up to 225 for cocktail receptions. Venue rental includes Salon area that is perfect for pre-event cocktails or post ceremony cocktails before reception.

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