maynor_mEver wonder how we do it? How we can take a delectable-sounding menu and turn it into the best-tasting cuisine you could imagine?  Our culinary team has a secret weapon – Maynor Merida!

Maynor brings his culinary and organizational talents to work every day at Talk of the Town to make sure that your catered event is not only delicious but prepared efficiently and on time!

We know you appreciate a clean and well-run kitchen in your catering company and with Maynor on the job, ours is the tightest of culinary ships! We rely on Maynor to organize, clean and prep hundreds of pounds of fresh food each week that will become your incredible appetizers, entrees and desserts.

He’s an amazing cook and we get to bring Maynor to lots of events to showcase his skills in preparing fresh cuisine right before guests’ eyes! His two favorite menu items can be found on our Staff Page, by the way!

Maynor is a fast worker, which means we never have to worry about getting your wedding, corporate or special event catering prepared and ready to go! Whether it’s a wedding, corporate or private event, Maynor is on the job and ready to impress.

He’s been with us three years and has a particular love for our In-Home Catering because “we get to interact with the guests in a relaxed atmosphere and they get to really see our expertise as we prepare and serve food to their closest friends and family.”

Chef Andrew says of Maynor, “He’s great! He works hard, our clients and their guests love having him be a part of their events, and he leaves things cleaner than when he started. We rely on Maynor and appreciate his hard and exceptional work!”

We asked Maynor what he likes most about working at Talk of the Town and he said,

We are a family and we truly enjoy our time together and sharing the fun in creating events as a team.

Maynor enjoys cooking so much that he doesn’t take a break from the kitchen when he’s off duty – he loves preparing food for his family and friends and watching lots of soccer – “my favorite sport in the world!”