We are not just one of the best wedding, corporate and private event caterers in Atlanta and North Georgia, but we are also a family here at Talk of the Town!

Our entire staff is connected each and every day in our love of creating the best catered events and making clients happy, but there is so much more to the story. Each of us brings a certain special something to our company and we are excited to get a chance to let our team members shine one-by-one in our brand new Staff Seven!

We will ask Talk of the Town staff member seven questions and let them give their honest answers. We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

richard_bOur first Staff Seven features our extremely organized, capable and trustworthy General Manager, Richard Boughton!

  1. Favorite Menu Item: Our irresistible Mac & Cheese
  2. Favorite Event Décor Idea: Our beautiful Ice Table, which is a six foot table that holds chip ice. We use this to display fresh seafood including fish and oysters. Our culinary team decorates it sumptuously so the experience is not just delicious but also beautiful.
  3. Favorite Way to Spend a Day Off: Bicycling in a group ride or kayaking and hiking with my beautiful wife, Dawn.
  4. Number of Pets: Zero. We are pet-free!
  5. Dream Vacation Destination: Fly to Spain get a train pass for three weeks to also get to visit Italy, France and Switzerland. We’ve been planning and saving for this trip for years and hope to go next year in time for the Tour de France!
  6. Favorite North Georgia Event:  Athens Twilight Critererium and Camping in North Georgia is always great.
  7. Favorite Song: “Holding On” by the Blind Boys of Alabama. This song gives me personal comfort when I think about our beautiful daughter, Rebecca, who passed away at a young age. We are reminded to not take a day for granted and to always keep our perspective – that love is the most important thing we have.