Tea!  It’s great for your health and reminds us of exotic places and gentility.  It’s fast become one of the hottest special event trends and Talk of The Town is thrilled to bring you our full-service Traditional Tea Party Menu so that you can entertain your guests with grace and elegance!

From bridal luncheons to graduation celebrations  and corporate events  to birthday parties, High Tea is truly the most gracious way to mark any occasion.  Imagine your fundraiser or baby shower held either in your home or a beautiful, historical venue like Roswell Founders Hall!


Some Highlights of our Traditional English Tea Party Offerings Include:

  • Select from over 60 incredibly delicious menu items to custom create your very own tea event.
  • You will be offered full detail about the numerous teas we offer and their flavor characteristics, as well as health benefits.
  • We offer both High and Low Tea, depending upon your menu preferences and time of day.
  • A dedicated staff member (or more than one) will be part of your Full Service Tea Party.
  • Our highly-trained staff will provide Tea Etiquette tips to make the most of your elegant event.
  • Beautiful Buffet Setup is available for your Full Service Tea Party.

We simply cannot wait for you to enjoy our most elegant new offering and create your perfect Traditional English Tea Party. Please contact us today to learn more.