Talk of the Town’s interview with Diane Carden of the Morrow Center is posted here. Thank you to our partners at the Morrow Center.

Preferred Caterer Spotlight: Talk of the Town Catering and Special Events

There is an excitement in the air…an elegant ambiance of music, lighting and décor. The delectable aroma is already filling the air, creating anticipation for the array of creative cuisine for the evening. Talk of the Town is in the house! Under the visionary leadership of Chris Archer since 1997, Talk of the Town Catering and Special Events is widely respected as one of the most innovative and service-oriented caterers in Atlanta. The Morrow Center is a partner with Talk of the Town because of their commitment to excellence in every detail of planning your event. Talk of the Town’s culinary team, led by Chef Andrew Brackner, is able to create unique menu options to fit any theme or style of event so that the experience of your guests will be a magical one to be remembered for years to come. Recently I connected with Chris to pick his brain and see what some of the culinary trends are to date.

Chris, What should someone look for when they are seeking out a caterer for their special event?

I think when someone is searching for a caterer, they should first and foremost hire someone that is a strict off premise caterer. A lot of restaurants are trying to get into this business but they normally don’t have the proper equipment, décor, or experience to handle off premise events. Secondly, visit their operation and take a tour. Are they organized? Is the kitchen clean? Lastly, taste their food, look at pictures and call the last few people they have done events for and see what they have to say.

What sets a caterer apart from all the other caterers out there?

I think what the food says about a caterer is what type a caterer they really are. Does the food look fresh like we just prepared in the kitchen on site? Or does it look like it has been in the fridge for 3 days? A good caterer prepares things as close to serving time as possible. That is why gourmet action stations are so popular now, because you are preparing the cuisine right in front of them! What the food says about the host is that they spared no expense, whether they did or not, to take care of their guests. Also a great caterer makes the buffets, action stations and even a plated dinner part of the décor and entertainment.

What are some of the culinary trends you are seeing?

In the south, we are still seeing more action stations and buffets or a combination of them than we are seated, served dinners. The amount of equipment and personnel needed for a seated, served dinner sometimes exceeds their budget and even more than that, they want their event to be more social.

So, would you say action stations are a hot item right now?

I think we can show a more creative presentation with buffets and action stations than we can with a seated served dinner, unless they have the budget to do 5 to 6 courses and maybe even pair wines with them.

Does Talk of the Town do food tastings?

We do personal tastings in our office based on the type of menu the client is interested in. They are a lot of fun, involving several courses and we have lots of photos and videos for our clients to observe of our work.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of this career is seeing the smiles and receiving hugs for a job well done!

The Morrow Center is delighted and honored to offer Talk of the Town Catering & Special Events as one of our distinguished, preferred caterers. Whether your event is corporate or social, Talk of the Town will deliver the high level excellence you deserve in cuisine and event management experience!