Our wedding, corporate and special event catering menus are truly some of the most innovative and varied you will ever find. Not to mention, we offer so many selections that you will never find yourself longing for “something new.”

Ever wish you could try everything on the menu? Well, with our ability to make nearly any entrée, salad, soup and even dessert a delectable appetizer, you can do just that!


Here are just a few of the ways we can custom-create your elegant, yet smaller, versions of some of our incredible menu items so you can offer your guests the most variety at your wedding, corporate party or other special catered event:

We offer Chicken Pot Tartlets
with true chicken pot pie filling in a mini tartlet shell
complete with oven-browned mashed potato on top.

We create the ultimate Mini Loaded Baked Potato
filled with cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and chives.

We custom cut beef tenderloin into petite batons
and slice thin before placing on edible spoons
with oven dried tomato, micro salad, and horseradish cream.

We turn our incredible Great South BBQ Chicken
into Smoked Chicken Salad atop a gingersnap
and serve with a grape accent.

We challenge you to find a menu item among our vast catering menu selection that we can’t create into the passed appetizer of your dreams!


Contact us today to create your very own completely customized appetizers!