Tatum Acres

The Barn at Tatum Acres is a gorgeous setting for your wedding!


The farm’s 75 acres are right in the heart of the beautiful north Georgia mountains, adjacent to Big Canoe  with full access to all of the Big Canoe amenities and located approximately one hour from downtown Atlanta.  On a clear night you can actually see the Atlanta lights glimmering in the distance.



A gravel lane winds its way through the grassy grounds and up to the main structures of the farm: a live-in rustic barn with full amenities connected to stables, a 3-bedroom country cottage, an outdoor fireplace and fire pit and a handmade stone smoker for cooking barbecue.  Eats, attractions and accommodations for all of your guests are just around the corner.


There is nothing like a crisp fall evening with fires crackling in the fireplaces, the smell of delicious food and the warmth of friends and family.  The perfect setting for your wedding, special day or big event.


770-594-1567, Georgina Mathews


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