We all have those moments of wondering if we’re doing it right. Will the guests be impressed? Did I forget anything? What else can I do to make this event seem polished? The doorbell rings and then . . . the party has begun!

As one of Atlanta’s top caterers, we know what works and what doesn’t and are happy to share some of our easiest tips so that you can entertain like a pro and give your party that extra something that will make your guests feel so impressed!

Limit the Menu to items you know guests love:

  • Keep selections reasonable. It’s better to double up on a popular appetizer that always gets devoured than to offer too many dishes, including ones that somehow always get left uneaten.
  • Do not feel you need to offer a full bar.  One white wine, one red wine and one beer selection will work beautifully. If you want to offer something a little more memorable, serve a signature cocktail that can be prepared in batches like a champagne punch or very easily – like mimosas. Avoid any drinks that only the host knows how to prepare and must be done one at a time.

Guests eat with their eyes first! So, make the setting even more beautiful by doing the following:

  • Vary the height of your food for a professional look. You can use cake stands or take a box or other serving dish like a large salad bowl and turn it upside down and cover with a cloth napkins.
  • Be sure to incorporate small tea candles (safely) within your buffet and at the bar.
  • Garnish everything you can! Purchase a nice bunch or two of fresh parsley and dill and a bag of lemons that can be sliced and placed on almost any platter.
  • Seasonal greenery makes your buffet gorgeous!  Pinecones and sprigs of pine needles along with whole apples and pears make a lovely setting.

Easily Incorporate service from start to end:

  • If you are using a caterer, ask for servers who have helped you in the past. Guests appreciate a familiar face!
  • A server can help with answering the door and taking/returning coats. If you are not using a caterer, assign an older child this job or ask a neighborhood teen to assist you during the party with these kinds of activities.

Most of all, enjoy!