chimneys-wedding-floralPeggy Echols is one of a kind! With an extensive and highly-respected career in event planning and execution, we at Talk of the Town are honored to have her on our team! She treats every client with special care – listening to their wishes, offering her own original ideas, and always doing her best to provide excellent service and a perfect event. Peggy has long-managed our Chimneys at Big Canoe and now manages events at Silver City Farm, another Talk of the Town Venue. We sat down with Peggy to ask her our Staff Seven Questions – just to get to know a little bit more about her and here’s what we found . . .

SS: So, Peggy, we bet you’ve seen nearly every single TOTT menu item in your years with us, what are your favorites?

Peggy: I adore the Seared Sea Scallops with Basil Corn Cream Sauce and our Shrimp & Grits are always a highlight of any event!

SS: To really make an event stand out, what are your favorite décor ideas?

Peggy: We have many brides who want to convey elegance but in a rustic way. Hands down, I think filling mason jars with wildflowers is the perfect way to do this. Plus, it happens to be budget-friendly! You can even send some guests home with one as a keepsake.

peggy_eSS: How would you spend your ideal day off?

Peggy: I love to work and we have so many events, that days off are rare for me! I have three young grandchildren, so being with them is always my favorite way to enjoy time from work.

SS: Do you have pets?

Peggy: None. Work keeps me too busy!

SS: Where would you take your dream vacation?

Peggy: Tahiti!

SS: What is your favorite North Georgia event?

Peggy: Oktoberfest in Helen is great!

SS: We know you get thanked time and again by clients, but what has been your favorite compliment of your work?

Peggy: Many clients thank me for staying so calm. They say it helps them stay calm and allows them to really enjoy their event, which is my #1 goal.