Without question, Talk of the Town is considered one of the best caterers for weddings, corporate events and private parties. The reasons for this incredible reputation aren’t just our original culinary feats and creatively detailed event planning, but above all, it’s our caring staff. We are a real family here at Talk of the Town and no one represents our culture of teamwork and long-standing commitment to excellence more than our own John Collins, who serves as our Senior Bartender.



No TOTT celebration is complete without a high level of service which only our team, including John, brings to the table. He’s so beloved that time and again, clients insist on him being part of their events! Just like the incredible drinks he mixes, John’s got his own original style, which is a blend of his service expertise, professionalism and his sharp-witted personality, all mixed with a splash of eye twinkle that just completes the party!

John lent us a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer our Staff Seven Questionnaire:

SS: What are your favorite menu items?

John: I love our Mustard and Dill Crusted Salmon, and our Bread Pudding is beyond incredible.

SS: You bar-tend at countless events. What are the drinks you enjoy making the most?

John: I love an event with a signature drink or two like a Lemontini or Manhattan. Also, it’s fun to work with the flavors of the season so I’ll create cocktails with herbs and vodka – like a basil-infused martini for the summer.

SS: Any special secrets to keeping guests happy at an event?

John: Knowing what they want and making sure they enjoy in moderation. Also, I do like keeping the father of the bride happy at a wedding, so whatever he’s ordering, I especially enjoy making for him.  It’s got to be a bittersweet day for those dads, so we kind of bond sometimes.

SS: What’s your favorite compliment from a client?

John: I like it when the guests enjoy my drinks as well as chatting with me if that’s what they want to do for a few moments of the event. It makes me feel like I’m really helping create the right mood at the party. My favorite compliment, though, is when I am specially requested for a party. We have some clients who insist on me being a part of their event and that is just so kind.

SS: If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

John: Ireland! My family came from there and I’d love to just immerse myself in that culture and learn about my heritage.

SS: What about keeping it local? Where in GA do you like to visit?

John: Dahlonega. It has everything from nature to history and it’s an easy drive.


SS: What do you like best about working at Talk of the Town?

John: That’s easy. We are a team no matter what. Every event is different and I love how we all pitch in, work together, and make the guests happy with everyone’s collective efforts.  I also love that Talk of the Town offers me a great quality of life. I have a good balance between the time I work on events and things I love to do otherwise.

Photos: Andrew Brackner, Morning Light.