At Talk of the Town, we do our best every single day to ensure that your catered special event is perfect! From weddings and family events to corporate gatherings and retreats, we are thrilled to make you and your guests happy.

susan_mSusan Mullaney, our amazing Corporate Catering Event Coordinator, took a few minutes of her very busy time to answer our Staff Seven questionnaire! We know you’ll find it fascinating and hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Susan!

SS: We know you see nearly everything that comes out of the TOTT kitchen, so what is your favorite TOTT menu item?

SM: I love the Applewood Smoked Salmon and am a huge fan of our Lemongrass Beef Salad! Everyone is focusing on healthier cuisine for catered events, so both are perfect for corporate lunches or dinners.

SS: You come up with lots of creative event ideas for your many corporate catering clients. What are your favorite corporate event ideas?

SM: I am really enjoying working with clients to make their events have a little more fun infused! We have endless ideas – and are always coming up with new ones – but one we loved was converting Greystone at Piedmont Park into a ski lodge in the middle of the summer for a corporate event! That was fun! And, we converted Historic Rhodes Hall into a haunted house for a wedding! Guests will never forget either of those two events.

SS: You work tirelessly, but you must need to recharge. What do you like to do on your occasional day off?

SM: I really enjoy taking the boat out on the lake, water skiing and enjoying the sun and fresh air! Being with family and enjoying a meal cooked outdoors makes that day off even better.

SS: Do you have any pets?

SM: Yes, my lovely dog, Bella, who was a rescue.

SS: If you had more than just a day off, what would be your dream vacation destination?

SM: Skiing in the Swiss Alps!


SS: Do you have a personal favorite North Georgia destination?

SM: I love Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona.

SS: You get thanked so often for making your clients happy with their TOTT catered event. What is your favorite thing that a client has ever thanked you for?

SM: Each thank you means the world to me, to be honest. I feel a personal connection with all of my clients. But, the ones that stand out the most are the thank yous I hear from people who appreciate our whole staff. Often, they mention delivery team members or servers by name in a thank you email or note. That means we really connected with our guests and that is the best!