Our Staff Seven continues with a conversation with Karen Gramlich, the amazingly talented Event Specialist and Venue Manager at our own Chimneys at Big Canoe – one of the finest venues in and around Atlanta for your wedding or corporate event!

SS: You’ve tasted so many of our amazing menu items. What are your favorites?

KG: In addition to the Mac ’n’ Cheese and Mediterranean Chicken, I adore the House Smoked Chicken Salad which is served with grapes, gingersnaps and yeast rolls. Perfect for showers, luncheons and corporate events!

SS: What is your favorite event decor idea – something that makes a wedding truly special?

KG: I think it is so special when couples choose to incorporate personal elements about themselves into their wedding. For example, if you first date was at a coffee shop, maybe your favors can be coffee mugs. If you both love to travel al lot, maybe you picked a destination for your wedding. It’s those things that show a more personal side and allow those guests who don’t know both of you as well to really learn about what drew you together and what you both enjoy.


karen_g_sqSS: You work so hard, but what’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

KG: I really enjoy working out and doing anything outdoors!

SS: Do you have any pets? If so, how many and who are they?

KG: I have three pets!  A rabbit named Pancakes, and two Great Pyrenees named Cosett and Einstein.

SS: What is your dream vacation destination?

KG: Australia!

SS: What is your favorite North Georgia event, festival or destination.

KG: Cloudland Canyon State Park

SS: Lastly, what is your favorite thing you’ve been thanked for by a client?

KG: I just love knowing that my hard work matters to couples on their most important day.  One of the best thank you’s from a bride was:

“My wedding was perfect. I attribute my beautiful wedding 100% to working with my wedding coordinator Karen . . . Karen is my angel. To make a long story short we were missing a lot of decorations . . . Karen swooped in and made the place gorgeous in an hour and a half by herself – she made me and my mother go get ready. We scheduled an outside ceremony and it started raining right as I was about to walk out of the house. In 20 minutes Karen rearranged the barn & moved the guests inside. I was married successfully 30 minutes later. My guests had a wonderful time and thought the venue was gorgeous & it really was!”

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