The countdown is on to 2017 and if you’re hosting a NYE fête, you are in full party-prep mode. We’ve got a few of our favorite foolproof tips for you here to ensure a fun and festive evening for you and your guests.


Have Easy Hors d’Oeuvres on Hand!

Food is our passion at TOTT but so is enjoying time with guests. Here are a few super-easy light bites to prep ahead. Refills can be kept ready in the kitchen all night:

  • Smoked salmon on top of a bit of cream cheese and dill on toast points
  • Goat cheese log with a drizzle of honey and crushed pistachios
  • Strawberry and pound cake on skewers with whipped cream




Encourage Safe Transport!

Text or email your guests the day of the party to let them know that you hope they’ll consider using Uber or Lyft to have the safest and most fun evening possible. Plus, why bother parking when you can get dropped off at the door!

Light the Way!

Nothing says “Welcome to the best party ever!” more than some fun lights along the walkway to your front door. Plus you can use the same lights to send folks around the back if your party is al fresco! Simply purchase 2 dozen paper bags and a few pounds of sand and LED votive candles to create that festive entry! You can even get creative and stencil or hole-punch cutout designs in the bags for even more detail. Your kids can assemble and put out the lights.

Greet Your Guests in Style!

No need to park yourself at the front door to make your guests feel really welcome! Hire a neighborhood teen (or enlist a willing family member or friend) to be at the door until 9 pm to greet guests, take coats and point out a nearby table with champagne, red wine and sparkling water so guests can feel at home.

Music in Every Room!

No need for a house full of hard-wired speakers these days. Run by your favorite big box store and grab a few inexpensive wireless speakers and simply let your phone send your hopping NYE tunes to the speakers in a few rooms at once!

Let’s Talk Trash!

Hate stopping mid-party to dig around for a garbage bag under the kitchen sink? Be sure to fold a few extras and place them at the bottom of the trash and recycling bins for easy refilling.

Don’t Forget!

Here are few forget-me-not details that will give your party that little extra style and make your evening a true celebration:

  • Ice, Ice Baby! Purchase as much ice as you can store in your freezer and in coolers. You can never have too much.
  • Place a big stack of lovely paper hand towels in the restrooms plus an extra roll of paper in sight for guests to easily change if needed.
  • Flowers make every party even more beautiful. Purchase 3-5 dozen tea roses and arrange in simple water glasses or mason jars on every table and the kitchen counter.
  • Keep your pet safe by asking a friend to watch him or her for the evening.
  • Send guests home with a bag of chocolates to wish them a sweet start to the new year!