Think giving your staff lunch is a waste of money? Think again!

Did you know that research shows that employees who are provided a healthy lunch by their employers are happier, healthier and more productive? Speaking from experience – our staff is offered fresh and healthy lunch options daily at TOTT – we can assure you that the conclusions of these studies are true!

Here are just a few findings from research on the topic as noted in an article by Inc. Magazine:

“While 78 percent of employees reported providing food for meetings with clients, companies aren’t providing that same level of service for their internal meetings. And while it’s extremely important to keep clients, it’s also important to keep (and attract) good employees.”

  • 60 percent of the 1100 people surveyed said that having food at the office would make them feel more ‘valued and appreciated.’
  • 45 percent said that the availability of free lunch would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer.
  • 60 percent felt that company offered meals would encourage them to eat with their colleagues, which could mean you’ll actually get more work out of your employees, since business can be discussed over work.
  • 41 percent felt that the best corporate gift was food.
  • 40 percent said that having food in the office would reduce stress.

Think you can’t afford to provide lunches for your team? Think again!

The ROI on providing lunch regularly for your team is around 100% according to an article on Huffington Post.  The article also lists the many other benefits of providing lunch for your staff:

  • Make more money – ROI can actually be as high as 150% on the cost of regular staff lunches. 
  • Save money! A study by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that by spending $1 on employee health and wellness programs (including healthy lunches) can have a return of $3.22!
  • Drive collaboration and new ideas by bringing different departments together for meals. And, with around 60% of employees eating lunch at their desks, you’ll see faster decision-making happen around the lunch table.
  • Make employees happier.
  • Improve recruitment.

We at Talk of the Town believe that catering doesn’t have to be something just reserved for the clients or big events. We feel that every day is an opportunity to make your team feel appreciated and a chance to show them your commitment to their health and wellbeing. And, your business will benefit through less absenteeism, a more alert and productive staff, as well as a feeling of goodwill by your employees towards your company.

Our corporate catered lunches are full of delicious, healthy options that will give your team that boost they deserve and will, in turn, create a happier and more productive environment for your business!

We would be thrilled to bring your team the lunch they deserve – and will appreciate – on any schedule you’d like – daily, weekly, etc. Give us a call today to see how much your entire team – and business – will benefit!

Call us today to schedule your customized Talk of the Town staff lunch – we know you’ll be so glad you did!