Chanterelle_1Chef Andrew and Chef Will have had the unique opportunity of hand-picking the most incredible chantarelles in a river basin here in GA!  Collecting about 20 lbs. of these gorgeous, naturally-grown mushrooms was a thrilling experience for them both!

Chantarelles are a coveted member of the mushroom family for their exotic flavor and appearance.  They are typically found in large clusters in forests in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as Africa.  The French first made chantarelles popular by using their woody and fruity flavors to create sautés, sauces and many dishes for the nobility.

Chanterelle_2Luckily for us, Chef Andrew and the Talk of the Town culinary team are going to be drying and preserving their chantarelle booty to create wild mushroom risotto, Chicken Forester, Wild Mushroom Salad atop Steak and Tarragon Mushroom Crepes!

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Bon Appetite Indeed!