At Talk of the Town, we encourage creativity, growth, and a true knowledge of every aspect of our business. So, when Chefs Andrew Brackner and William Foshee decided to visit Plantation Quail, we were thrilled to hear what they learned about this longtime supplier of ours.


For over seven years, Chef Andrew has relied on Plantation Quail  – a 28 year-old business based in Greensboro, GA.  With many long-time employees who treat one another like family, there is a true sense of common purpose  – to produce the best quality quail with pride.  It is this level of commitment and sense of family that has made Plantation Quail the largest producer of quail in the United States.

With equipment designed by the employees and a hatchery that allows for knowing when the chicks will hatch within an hour, the facility is run with precision and an eye on the environment. Only natural products are used to clean the production line and the quail are fed an all-natural diet of soybeans and corn. An on-site composter can compost up to 20 tons in 8 hours and the output is then used to fertilize nearby horse farms.


“Loving the quail is part of the job,” observes Chef Andrew. He knows the entire staff at Plantation Quail value the animals.

Chef Andrew creates many menu items with farm-fresh quail from Plantation Quail. Two of his favorites are Sliced Quail Breast on a Mini Fried Green Tomato with Red Onion Marmalade (a favorite at the GA agricultural convention) and Pan Seared Quail Breast Over Corn, Speckled Bean and Peanut Salad tossed with Muscadine Vinaigrette and Micro Herbs.

Bon Appétit!