We asked our very own Chef Andrew Brackner to tell us about his favorite fall food item. While we expected him to tell us all about butternut squash or venison, we were pleasantly surprised that his current fall favorite is the delectable Quail Egg!

Here’s what he had to say about this versatile, healthy and delicious little package of culinary joy:

Our friends at Plantation Quail have started to produce boiled and peeled quail eggs
and I am having a great time inventing new menu items.

So far, my favorite is a Scotch Quail Egg.
I wrap sausage around the boiled egg and bread it before frying.
I made that dish with Sweet Potato and Scallion Hash dressed in Pepper Gravy for the
Westside Cultural Arts Center open house.

It’s my version of breakfast for dinner!


Other Great Ways to Prepare and Enjoy the Quail Egg Include:

Slice some prosciutto and place in a muffin pan,
drop a raw quail egg inside and bake, top with hollandaise sauce.

The boiled eggs make for a great garnish for martini.

The yolk is richer than chicken eggs and add great taste and texture to steak tartar.


Substituting quail eggs in a brownie (or any baked item) recipe makes for a richer finished product.

Quail eggs give egg salad a distinctive gourmet flavor.

Deviled quail eggs topped with caviar make a wonderful passed item.


Health Benefits of the Quail Egg:

  • quail-eggs24x the vitamins and minerals of chicken eggs!
  • Helps fight allergies because of the levels of ovomucoid protein!
  • Prevents gallbladder, liver, and kidney stones!
  • Strengthens the immune system!
  • Increases level of hemoglobin helps with anemia!
  • Is a natural combatant against digestive track disorders like stomach ulcers!
  • Has no risk of salmonella!
  • Contains high levels of phosphorus, proteins, and vitamins benefit prostate health in men (you women know what I mean).