The thing about experts is they’re pretty much always right! Well, we at Talk of the Town expect each of our staff members to be experts in two things: making clients and their guests happy with our amazing full-service catering; and knowing our menus inside and out!

Our event planning and culinary staff work hard to help clients envision and then realize their dream catered event – large or small. While it would be easy to simply check boxes on a menu form and give an estimate, we take it much more seriously! We work to give you expert menu advice so that your event is the best expression of your vision!

culinary-staffSo, if that means we “have” to sample menu items created by Chef Andrew Brackner and his amazing culinary team, then so be it! Just call it a perk of the job, but in order to really give you our expert picks, we gladly force ourselves to sample delicacies ranging from the simplest, yet original salad to the most savory of entrées with complicated sauces. And, the desserts! Well, that’s a whole other story of tasting research we would never skip!

Our catering menus are a trove of ideas that encompass cuisines from around the world and the innovative ideas of our culinary team and service staff. We have recently updated all of our menus, so becoming experts is one delicious task for all of us!

It’s time we share our favorites with you since we think consulting an expert is always the right way to go!

Visit our Staff Page and click on each team member’s photo to find out what menu items we love the best!  Here is just a tiny sampling of some that you’ll read about (go get a napkin!):

Honey Lime Salmon Tacos

Grouper Orleans

Smoked Quail on a Fried Green Tomato
with Pickled Onion Marmalade

Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding

Belgium Waffles and Praline Pecans with Bourbon

So, when you or someone you know chooses Talk of the Town for a delicious wedding, corporate event or private party, be sure you ask our expert advice! We’ll be so glad to share it with you!

Contact us today and we will look forward to making your next catered event filled with expert advice!