Honesty is the foundation of any good marriage and it’s also the basis for a wonderful wedding!

We at Talk of the Town are honored to be part of the most important day of so many couples’ lives!  It’s not a task we take lightly. More than just our reputation as being one of the finest wedding caterers in all of Atlanta and North Georgia, we feel the weight of making sure your day is exactly as you wish – and maybe even better! And, the only way we know how to meet that perfect wedding goal is to have an open and honest relationship with our clients.

“We had a buffet for our wedding because it brought the cost down, and when we first decided to do it, I worried that it would be ‘just another buffet.’ But they really go all out, and we received so many compliments on the food.”

Some couples feel skeptical when selecting a wedding caterer. They hear cautionary tales of ones who seem to have lots of hidden expenses when the final bill comes, or others who promise one thing and deliver another. Or worse, some think caterers are all out to up-charge and talk them into things they don’t want. At Talk of the Town, we don’t look at a wedding client as a “one night stand” we are here to stay and want you to sing our praises – not just because it’s good for our business, but also because we truly care about your most special day!

We pride ourselves on being open and honest with prospective and booked clients – so you know just what to expect. We will let you know what will work within your budget and how to maximize the details that matter and what you can leave out so that you get the most bang for your buck. We do not have a reputation for lots of “extras” and “add-ons” but, instead, like to know what your budget is up front so we can stick to it and truly make the very most of every precious dollar!

“The food was delicious, for a great price – we received many compliments from guests – and their staff the night of was great! Truly an amazing team and we would highly recommend Talk of the Town!”

And, beyond the budget, we want you to know that the food you select and enjoy at the tasting will be executed consistently and perfectly at your wedding. We cannot imagine doing it any other way!

Our Owner and Executive Chef, Andrew Brackner has every confidence in the integrity of the TOTT staff, “We are a team – and no team succeeds when there is a lack of trust. Trust comes from reliability – not only with each other but with our clients. So, we make certain that everything we do is built on a foundation of honesty. It’s the only way we know how to be.”

So, if you are seeking the right wedding caterer who will treat you with honesty every step of the way, then you’ve come to just the right place – Talk of the Town!

“After meeting with several area caterers, it was immediately clear that Talk of the Town was the most professional, most responsive, and highest quality caterer out there…Hire them. You will not be disappointed.”