Whether you are hosting a wedding for 500, an intimate family gathering, corporate event or retreat for any number of important clients or staff, you want it to be right. You want it to be exceptional. You deserve the best and Talk of the Town is just that!


There are countless catering companies to choose from, but there are many reasons why TOTT has gained so much respect by the most discerning clients as well as the choicest venues and partners as one of the finest in Atlanta and all of North Georgia. Our events are incredible and the value you receive will truly impress you because we simply go the extra mile every time. You don’t just get what you pay for with TOTT, but so much more!

Here are some of the many reasons why we’re at the top of everyone’s lists:

We care about you, your guests and how your event will be remembered.

Some caterers check boxes, prepare the food and serve it with a smile, but our entire team, including our amazing event coordinators, will go above and beyond the call of duty to make your event just right. We get compliments week after week from clients who say things like “You went out of your way for us and our guests and it made all of the difference.”


Training is a key component of our success.

Our service staff is the most professional in the business because we carefully cultivate our team through references, background checks and even e-verify them before they ever work with a client. Also, we offer extensive professional training sessions for our team so that from the moment your event gets set up, you feel confident that your guests will have the experience you’ve hoped for.


Our culinary staff is incredible and the most creative in the business.

We are a chef-lead organization under the direction of Andrew Brackner who served for several years as our Executive Chef and now Executive Chef/Owner of TOTT. He is a business and culinary visionary and expects the entire chef and kitchen staff, including his right hand, Trey Gunning, to be just as focused on innovative sourcing and preparation of the finest ingredients to wow you with menu items that are even more delicious than they sound!


We never settle for anything but the best.

We scour the market for the best of everything because we believe the finest event cuisine comes from the finest sources. With vendors that are committed to freshness, ethical practices and professionalism, we are able to feel great about every item we serve. Just a handful of our amazing culinary sources include:

  • Prestige Farms. A family-owned poultry company, Prestige Farms focuses on a fresh and all-natural approach to sourcing
  • Pasta Mami. With nearly 20 years in the business, Pasta Mami offers pasta made fresh daily without preservatives or artificial coloring.
  • Athena Farms. For over 20 years, Athena Farms has been an independently operated business in a universe full of cookie-cutter produce suppliers, which means accountability for each ingredient they provide.
  • Sausage World, Inc. Locally-sourced ingredients, as well as the old-fashioned method of production means the products of this Georgia-based business are authentic and exceptionally delicious.
  • Thrive Farmers Coffee. Simply the finest in the business, Thrive is focused on bringing you the most incredible coffee experience because its farmers are treated with respect and are part of the family, not just faceless growers.


Our equipment and food safety standards are incredibly high.

One look at our venues, kitchens or incredibly-organized warehouse will show you how focused we are on running a tight ship. Our food-safety guidelines are followed stringently and our entire staff is expected to adhere to our standards and always look for ways to keep our business in perfect order so your event is just right.


While others catering companies can offer you a nice menu selection and pleasant booking experience, you and your guests deserve and can expect nothing less than an exceptional event from start to finish with Talk of the Town. We cannot wait to impress you time and again!